Welcome to U AGAINST OBSTACLES, LLC., Life Change Coaching. I’m Bernard, a certified Life Change Coach who would be honored to join you on this journey to facilitate positive change in your life. I will bring a collaborative, non-judgmental, compassionate, and unique R.O.A.R. approach to help you overcome your obstacles.

Together we will devise a goal-oriented strategy to help you: 1. Gain clarity about what you want; 2. Improve Confidence; 3. Overcome Obstacles, Fear, and Insecurities; 4. Implement and Take Action; 5. Recognize the Possibilities for Your Life; 6. Create a Plan to Reach Your Goals Faster; and 7. Hold you Accountable.

Through exercises to identify your saboteur, and by focusing a lens on your life, together we will isolate and combat the obstacles that have held you back in life, allowing you to tap into the parts of yourself that can support and sustain you through life’s challenges. This can empower you to direct all your energy into creating what you want most in your life.





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The personal benefits of life change coaching are wide-ranging and can positively impact ones life by helping to establish and take action towards achieving goals and becoming more self-reliant.


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Prior to becoming a certified life change coach, I had to overcome many obstacles in my life. These obstacles brought me from Chicago, IL, to Seattle, WA for new beginnings. My life experiences brought me to a fork in my path, having to make a change. In the process, it opened up a new path in life allowing me the privilege and opportunity to help others and connect to those struggling in life.


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U Against Obstacles, LLC provides an array of personalized and individualized service packages, including individual and group sessions. Services are flexible and provided through an online video platform, over the phone, and in person at either my Seattle office location, at your home, or in the community.



Bernard was dedicated, committed and insightful. His unique Chicago self helped me view my life challenges in a very different way. He helped me gain confidence and pursue an entirely different lifestyle. He was so flexible, meeting me at different locations, phone and online meetings. Without his encouragement and guidance, I’d still be living couch to couch with no direction or meaning in my life. Thank you for coming into my life! - N.B”